Boats are a pivotal part of the gameplay and serve the purpose of transporting players and resources over great distances with minimal effort. There are several different types of boats with various speeds, storage space and seating. They only work in transporting players over the 'Ocean'.
RobloxScreenShot06072011 161505739



Ship Speeds - From Slowest to FastestEdit

  1. 'Raft'.
    The Rainbow Boat
    RobloxScreenShot06072011 161424296


  2. 'Sailboat'.
  3. Schooner'.
  4. 'Galleon'.
  5. 'Steam Boat'.
  6. 'Rainbow Galleon'.


  • Boats and Ships can be placed and sometimes sail on land.
  • Boats and Ships can can sail out of the Ocean
    RobloxScreenShot06072011 161202102

    Boat on the "Hemp Island".

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