Death in Survival 404 is not like death in other survival games. In this game your inventory will automaticly empty itself on the spot you died, making death something you will truly try to avoid, especially if you're carrying valuable items.

Some of the causes of Death in 404:

  • Starvation or dehydratation(empty hunger/thirst bars) - This is one of the most common death causes, because people forget about feeding themselves and starve.
  • Drowning - This happens when people walk underwater or run out of energy when swimming. To avoid this type of death, make a boat.

Note: You can replenish your health bar by eating certain food-types (the most effective being flower stalks.)

  • Players - Many players are raiders and will kill you for your items. To avoid this death, always carry a weapon with you and be careful around people who you think might be raiders. Also, don't brag about your stuff, since everyone can hear you and will make you a target if someone knows you have valuable items.
  • Technical: These include all technical-related deaths such as: glitching out of the map, falling off of the Earth, other physics-related deaths.

To avoid losing your items upon death, you may want to consider making a chest and putting your valuable items in it, you will also want to have your chest in a safe place, since people can picklock it and take your items if they find it.
  • Death by drowning
  • Death by getting raid