• Paladise Wall on the left. Tower on the right.
  • M. Wall on the left. M. Corner on the right.
  • M. Tower on the left. M. Gate on the right.
  • M. Gate and 2 M. Towers, this is only the amount of Gates/Towers to have, rest of defenses varies. (Notice that there are two ladder slots in the Gate for the two Towers)

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Defenses are crucial to your tribe, they will help you to protect yourself or your tribesmates from raiders or other nasty people. Currently there are two types of defenses, Palidise and Medieval. Palidise come with a wall or tower while Medieval comes with a wall, a tower, and a gate.


These recipes are extremely simple:

Palidise Wall/Tower:

Wall + Wall

Medieval Wall/Tower/Gate:

Medium Rock + Medium Rock