How to Achieve Control of the MapEdit

This guide will aid you in occupying - and indirectly ruling - the map.

Items you will need:

  • 3 other people who will help you
  • Some good people skills
  • Experience with 404.
  • Common Sense

Generally, on a server, after about one hour of playing, there will be a group which will own most of the resources on the map. This leaves them the ability to do whatever they want to everyone else.

You probably want to be this person. Here's how:

Step 1Edit

Attempt to join any large groups that already exist. If this group does not allow you to join or does not exist, simply create your own by recruiting other players to your cause.

Work until you have the following items:

Optionally, you may also want one or more of the following:

Step 2Edit

At this point, you are generally considered to be wealthy. It is time to put that wealth to use.

Use the members of your group in order to take control of the more valuable islands on the map. These islands include Hemp Island, Cotton Island, Sand Island, and Mine Island. Once you are in control of these islands, you are essentially in control of the game, because these resources are necessary for settlement creation/upkeep.

There are one of two ways you can take advantage of this:

  1. Peaceful. Trade the valuable resources away for other resources. This method can allow you to become even more wealthy than you were before, without becoming a notorious criminal.
  2. Aggressive. Make those who want the resources join your group. If they do not, kill them. This method can prove useful because it gives you more men to use, but more often than not creates crazed, vengeful maniacs.

Step 3Edit

Now that you have taken control of the map, you must maintain your control.

First of all, colonize all the islands you can. The more land you own, the less chance there is of a rival settlement appearing.

Second, continue working yourself. Acting like a bigshot shouting orders from a throne will typically breed contempt among your men.

Third, eliminate any resistance that appears.

Congratulations, you have now taken over the Survival 404 world. And remember:

With great power comes great responsibility. Note: If any of your men leave, be sure to have him transfer all buildings/vehicles to you first (and retool the items as they may disappear), so that you do not lose anything.

Authored by PGI

Edited by Davidii