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The basic structure of a mine (outside)
ColiepolieAdded by Coliepolie
The purpose of a Mine is to mine for mineral resources. The mine itself is relatively small, measuring twelve blocks in width, length and height. When entered, the mine teleports your character underground, where you will find three resource deposits. You will find an assortment of plain rock, copper, iron and coal deposits in the mine.


This recipe is quite simple.

  1. Two 'Med Rock'.
  2. One 'Wall'.


It's notable that by putting two mines in close proximity, they intersect and can cause the player to become


RobloxScreenShot06112011 095733939
This is what a mine actually looks like from the outside.
Jpham13Added by Jpham13
RobloxScreenShot11032013 105424467
Inside a mine. Notice the ore formation.
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