Learn how to craft (Basic)Edit

To craft use the crafting tutorial , Remember to Forage the items first before use.

Basic recipieEdit


(2x) Med. Wood (1x) Wall
(2x) Med. Wood (1x) Hull
(2x) Planks (1x) Wall
(2x) Hemp Stalks (1x) Fresh Hemp
(1x) Fresh Hemp > Process (1x) Hemp
(1x) Small Foliage > Process (1x) Small Compost
(1x) Deer Carcass > Skinning Knife (1x) Deerhide
(1x) Deerhide > Process (1x) Leather
(4x) Hull + (1x) Large Wood + (4x) Dried Hemp > Create Tool (1x) Galleon


Small Boat/Raft - Hull -> Create Tool -> Raft

Mine - 2 Med. Stones + 1 wall -> Create Tool -> Mine

Large Mine- 3 Stone Bricks + 1 wall+ 2 Glass -> Create Tool -> Large Mine

Granary- 2 Walls+1 Med Rock -> Create Tool -> Granary


Planting Berry -> Small Compost + Berry -> Process Ingredients -> Wait -> Berry Tree


Normal Shirt - 2 Hemps

Leather Armor - 2 Leather

Tools Copper Pickaxe/Copper Axe- Two copper (refined) and a small handle

Crude Club- (Small Handle)

Bow- Rope and Small Handle

Arrow- Small handle + Small Rock/Copper/Iron/Steel (Depends on strength you want)

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